School of Basic Sciences
Discipline of Chemistry

Computational / Theoretical Faculty

Satya S. Bulusu Dr. Satya S. Bulusu
Assistant Professor
SB-318, IIT Indore
Email: sbulusu[at]
Phone: +91 731 2438 724
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry:
Computational Chemistry, Structural evolution of Nanoclusters and Nanoalloys, Global Optimization Methods, Algorithms for predicting Transition State, DFT Guided Monte Carlo Simulations
Dr. Biswarup Pathak Dr. Biswarup Pathak
Associate Professor
SB-217, IIT Indore
Email: biswarup[at]
Phone: +91 731 2438 730
Computational Chemistry:
Computational Material Science, Atomistic Modelling on Clean Energy Materials, Hydrogen Storage and Production (Photo catalysis) Li-ion Batteries, Fuel Cell, Surface Catalysis, Molecular Electronics
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