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Organic Faculty

Dr. Rajneesh Misra Dr. Rajneesh Misra
Associate Professor
SB-116, IIT Indore
Email: rajneeshmisra[at]
Phone: +91 731 2438 552
Organic Chemistry:
Development of new organic/inorganic materials for Photonic and electronic applications
Dr. Sampak Samanta Dr. Sampak Samanta
Associate Professor
SB-114, IIT Indore
Email: sampaks[at]
Phone: +91 731 2438 553
Organic Chemistry:
Asymmetric synthesis, Metal mediated synthetic transformation, Green chemistry, Total synthesis of biologically active compounds
Dr. Apurba K Das Dr. Apurba K Das
Associate Professor
SB-220, IIT Indore
Email: apurba.das[at]
Phone: +91 731 2438 738
Organic Chemistry:
Organic Synthesis, Peptide and DNA based nanostructured materials, Biosensors
Dr. Chelvam Venkatesh Dr. Chelvam Venkatesh
Assistant Professor
SB-318, IIT Indore
Email: cvenkat[at]
Phone: +91 731 2438 765
Organic and Medicinal Chemistry:
Synthesis of natural products, heterocycles and carbocycles, Construction of C-C and C-X (X =N,O,S,P) bonds, diagnostic applications of new targeting ligands for cancers and inflammatory diseases, synthesis of Inhibitors for drug targets, drug delivery systems, near-infra red fluorescence, nuclear Imaging and bio-conjugate chemistry
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