Safety Tips and First Aid

First aid boxes are available at:

Room No.Phone
B-Tech lab, 2nd Floor, M-Block725
PhD Research lab, Ground Floor, M-Block748
Security office, Ground Floor, M-Block 717

Caretakers for First-aid in the Discipline of Chemistry:

NamePositionRoom No.Phone
Sarita BatraLab technicianB-Tech lab, M-Block725
Mr. Manish KushwahaJunior Lab AssistantB-Tech lab, M-Block725

A few important safety tips for you:

  • • Familiarise yourself with all aspects of safety before using any equipment.
  • • Be alert to unsafe conditions of the equipment, procedures and actions, and call attention to them so that corrections can be    made as soon as possible.
  • • Label all storage areas, appropriately, and keep all chemicals in properly labelled containers.
  • • Date all chemical bottles when received and when opened. Note storage conditions and adhere to them.
  • • Familiarise yourself with the appropriate protective measures when exposed to the following classes of hazardous materials.    Flammable, Corrosive, Toxic, Carcinogen, Compressed Gases, Poisonous
  • • Segregate chemicals by compatibility groups for storage.
  • • Post warning signs for unusual hazards such as flammable materials no naked flames or other special problems.
  • • Pour more concentrated solutions into less concentrated solutions to avoid violent reactions.
  • • Avoid distracting other worker.
  • • Use equipment only for its designated purpose.
  • • Position and secure apparatus used for chemical reactions in order to permit manipulation without moving the apparatus until    the entire reaction is complete.
  • • Reporting of accidents is mandatory.
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