PhD Program in Chemistry

Department of Chemistry at IIT Indore offers Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree in Chemistry where students require completion of one or two semesters of course work and a thesis defense on original research performed under the direct supervision of at least one faculty member from the Discipline of Chemistry. Students enrolled in Ph.D program usually allotted the thesis advisor temporarily during the time of admission to the PhD program depending upon their research interests and confirmed after the completion of the course work (typically of two semester).

Discipline of Chemistry offers a variety of research areas in chemistry which includes organic synthesis, asymmetric synthesis, organic electronics, supramolecular chemistry, natural product chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, bio-inorganic chemistry, catalysis, transition metal chemistry, organometallic, nanoscience, polymers, biomimetic materials, self-assemblies, photo physics, florescence spectroscopy, single molecule florescence imaging, computational and theoretical chemistry, and many more. For more information about please visit webpages of individual faculty members.

We welcome all prospective students who wish to apply for Ph.D. program in Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Technology Indore

Admission Requirements:
The candidate must satisfy any one of the following criteria.
  • Minimum first class* Master degree in the relevant science discipline with valid UGC/CSIR-JRF/GATE or Equivalent Fellowship, OR
  • Minimum first class* M. Tech/M. Phil degree in relevant discipline, OR
  • Minimum first class* Bachelor degree in the relevant Engineering/ Technology discipline with a valid GATE score OR
  • B.Tech from an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) with a minimum CPI of 8.0.

For more details regarding the admission process please visit Ph.D. Admission process.

Application Procedure
  • Candidates must apply ONLINE through our website. This will generate a unique application number for each applicant.
  • After Submitting the application online, the same is to be downloaded and the signed hard-copy along with Demand Draft, recent photograph, Self-attested relevant Certificates, must be sent to the concerned DPGC Convener at the below mentioned Address for the correspondence.
  • The candidate MUST write his/her name, name of the discipline and the Application Number on the reverse side of the Demand Draft.
  • The envelope of the application must CLEARLY mention "APPLICATION for ADMISSION in PhD Program in CHEMISTRY for Autumn Semester of AY 20xx-yy".

Rules, Policies, Curriculum and Courses of Study

Please visit the academic webpage for details

Form for PhD students attending a conference:

Financial Support

FA (Fellowship Awardee): Fellowship Awardees from the agencies such as CSIR, UGC, NBHM, etc. OR JRF/SRF project staff working in a Sponsored Research Project under a faculty member PI of the project) of IIT Indore. The scholarship will as per the rules/guidelines of the concerned funding agency.
TA (Teaching Assistantship): Teaching Assistantship with scholarship as per MHRD guidelines.



IIT Indore is a residential campus, where most of our students are staying inside the campus. Institute is committed to provide all the basic infrastructure facilities to support our research students/staff to excel best output. Campus Hall of Residence, studio apartments, and several eating outlets are available to students. Studio apartments provide 1 bedroom apartments for married students. For more details please visit: Hall-of-Residence. For those who prefer to live off campus, there are several rentals are available in the neighboring area of Simrol town and in the Indore City. It is very common for groups of students to share a house, who opt to stay off the campus.

CCourse Structure for PhD Programme in Chemistry
(From AY 2013-14 onwards)

(A) Semester-I (autumn I spring)
Sr. No. Course code Course Title L-T-P-Credits
1 ZZ xxx Elective-I x-x-x-x
2 ZZ xxx Elective-II x-x-x-x
3 ZZ xxx Elective-III x-x-x-x
4 CH 797* / ME 798* Ph.D. Seminar Course 0-2-0-2
(B) Semester-II (spring I autumn)
Sr. No. Course code Course Title L-T-P-Credits
1 ZZ xxx Elective- IV x-x-x-x
2 ZZ xxx Elective-V x-x-x-x
3 ZZ xxx Elective-VI x-x-x-x
4 CH 798* / ME 797* Ph.D. Seminar Course 0-2-0-2
Chemistry Courses for Elective-I to VI (in addition to these courses, students can take courses from the other disciplines also)
Sr. No. Course code Course Title L-T-P-Credits
1. CH 701 Spectroscopic Techniques 2-1-0-3
2. CH 704 Chemistry at Surfaces and Interfaces 2-1-0-3
3. CH 705 Materials Chemistry 2-1-0-3
4. CH 706 Photochemistry 2-1-0-3
5. CH 708 Catalysis: Approaches and Applications 2-1-0-3
6. CH 709 Advanced Bioinorganic Chemistry 2-1-0-3
7. CH 710 Molecular Modeling and Computational Chemistry 2-1-0-3
8. CH 711 Bio-Organic and Medicinal Chemistry 2-1-0-3
9. CH 720 Asymmetric Synthesis 2-1-0-3
NOTE: 1. A PhD student having MSc/ BTech/ BE or equivalent qualification has to do 5 to 7 PhD level courses of at least 3 credits each and 1-2 PhD seminar courses of at least 2 credits each. Minimum number of courses will be 5 PhD level courses and one PhD seminar course (minimum coursework of 17 credits).
2. A PhD student having MTech/ME//MPhil qualification has to do one semester coursework (with 2-3 PhD level courses). Minimum number of courses will be 2 PhD level courses and one PhD seminar course (i.e. (minimum coursework of 8 credits).
* PhD Seminar course can be taken either in Autumn or in Spring Semester or both as suggested by the Faculty Advisor/Thesis Supervisor.