Our prime motto is:

Chemistry laboratories are potentially dangerous workplace, where researchers, staffs and students are involved with the handling of some potentially toxic, flammable and explosive compounds, abnormal temperature and pressure conditions and research equipment. Therefore, there is a significant risk for error and any mishappenings. However, with proper precautions and experience, even toxic chemicals can be handled without any accident.With proper awareness for safe working practises to associated members working in chemistry laboratories, we can ensure a “Safe and healthy” working environment to all the members associated with the Discipline of Chemistry.

Here we provide some general guidelines to encourage safe working practices in our laboratories. These guidelines remind us to work in a safer way and are applicable to all users of the laboratory. For any concerns relating to safety issues at the Discipline of Chemistry, members of the Chemistry Safety Committee can be contacted:

Name Position Room No. E-mail Phone
Dr. Chelvam Venkatesh Convener 1A-722 cvenkat[at] 3343
Prof. Suman Mukhopadhyay Member 1D-305 suman[at] 3328
Dr. Sampak Samanta Member 1D-419 sampaks[at] 3337
Head, Chemistry Member (Ex-officio) 1D-404 hodchemistry[at] 3125
DPGC, Chemistry Member (Ex-officio) dpgcchem[at] 3340

The Committee meets at least once in a month followed by the inspection of the laboratories. The Committee also investigates and reports on all accidents in the department.