Waste Disposal

We are disposing of waste chemicals and ensuring that no potentially toxic chemical is disposed of down in the drain or in the garbage. Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone found violating disposal procedures.

In addition, MSDS recommendations must be carefully followed for the storage of chemicals and to avoid storage of any incompatible chemicals together. Please “Do not mix incompatible Chemicals”. All wastes from the laboratories must be properly labelled and placed in correct waste containers. We have Colour-coded plastic stickers for the waste containers (RED: Halogenated; GREEN: Non-Halogenated; and YELLOW: Solid (SILICA) waste).

Empty containers with stickers will be issued by Mr. Manish only. Please do not take away an empty container by yourself. Every group has been issued two dedicated containers, one each for Halogenated and Non-halogenated. Currently, a common container for Solid (SILICA) waste is placed, which can be used by everyone.

Please contact Mr. Manish Kushwaha, Deputy Manager (Lab), Chemistry Office, #402 POD-1D or at 0731 660 3340 or e-mail at mkushwaha@iiti.ac.in for the disposal of waste chemicals.
Waste Chemicals generated is collected by the Sugam Chemicals on regular basis.
M/S Sugam Chemicals, Plot No. 341, Sector No. 03, Pithampur, Distt.-DHAR (M.P.)

Waste must be segregated and labelled in the following manner:

  •  Halogenated Chemical wastes
  •  Non-Halogenated Chemical wastes
  •  Heavy Metal waste
  •  Silica Gel waste
  •  Waste oils (e.g. vacuum oils)
  •  Needles and Blades (must be placed in a puncture proof container)

Note: ACID Wastes (Including Piranha Solution) must be neutralized, and can be drained for wastewater treatment.