Prof. Biswarup Pathak


1A-724, POD Building
Email: biswarup[at]
Phone: +91 0731 660 3348

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Research Interests

Applied Computational Chemistry, Atomistic Modelling on Clean Energy Materials, Hydrogen Production (Photo catalysis) and Hydrogen Production, Li-ion Batteries, Fuel Cell, Surface Catalysis, Molecular Electronics (DNA Sequencing, Molecular Switches) 

Selected Publications

– Intertwined nontrivial band topology and giant Rashba spin splitting, Chiranjit Mondal, Chanchal K. Barman, Aftab Alam and Biswarup PathakPhysical Review B2021.
 Role of atomicity in the oxygen reduction reaction activity of platinum sub nanometer clusters: A global optimization study, Akhil S. Nair, Anakuthil Anoop, Rajeev Ahuja and Biswarup PathakJournal of Computational Chemistry2021.
– Organic Cation (DMPI) Intercalated Graphite Anode for High Voltage Next Generation Dual-Ion Battery, Surya Sekhar Manna, Sandeep Das, Arunendu Das and Biswarup PathakMaterials Advances, 2, 5213-5223, 2021.
– High-Performance Water Harvester Framework for Triphasic and Synchronous Detection of Assorted Organotoxins with Site-Memory-Reliant Security Encryption via pH-Triggered Fluoroswitching, Ranadip Goswami, Sandeep Das, Nilanjan Seal, Biswarup Pathak*, and Subhadip Neogi*, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 13, 29, 34012-34026, 2021.